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Overcoming Notification Anxiety: How To Eliminate Stress Caused By Smartphone Notifications


by James Jernigan

  • Last Updated: May. 16, 2022

  • Imagine it's 9:30am on a weekday.

    You and your favorite person are all alone, in the middle of a glassy reservoir, on an electric boat you rented for $40.

    You shut off the motor, and as you're about to make your first cast, you marvel for a second at how peaceful it is hearing nothing but crickets, birds, and the occasional splash from a hungry fish.

    Suddenly, the perfect morning stillness is disrupted by a damn notification...


    Is the boss wondering where I am? Maybe its a needy client with another pointless question? Did I forget to cancel a subscription and overdraft my account? Its probably another stupid marketing email...

    I used to have major notification anxiety!

    Why can't the world just leave me alone? I bust my ass every day, just let me have a couple hours of fishing in peace!

    That's why this notification startled me. After a decade of working overtime at multiple jobs, I was in the habit of silencing my phone whenever I wasn't on the clock.

    Getting disrupted during my personal time usually meant more stress, so I escaped by pretending like turning off my phone meant turning off the world.

    At first, hearing this startling electronic sound admist all this natural beauty made me cringe...

    But of course now I had to know who had THE AUDACITY to disrupt my perfect little morning, so I whipped out my phone and slid my thumb across the screen.


    the push notification read, followed by an email from PayPal informing me that a few hundred dollars had been deposited into my account, and is available immediately.

    Endorphins filled my brain as I tried to comprehend how I just made more money, from the middle of a lake (fishing pole in hand) before 10 AM than I used to make in a full 10 hour shift of driving a UPS truck.

    Suddenly, it made total sense how people could not only justify purchasing lavish things like yachts and private jets, but actually make those seemingly poor investments wildly profitable, irreplaceable assets.

    Do you think I was a better, kinder, more productive member of society after making $200 in one hour while fishing, or after making $200 driving a UPS truck for 10 hours, and lugging packages up and down steps in 95° weather?

    When I spent 60+ hours of week working for other people, it gave me road rage.

    Missing friends and family made me resent the very companies I was supposed to serve.

    Unexpected phone calls filled me with paranoia.

    I was constantly ashamed because I didn't have the mental or physical energy to be both a great employee, and the loving partner my amazing fiancé deserved.

    Look, I wrote this long ass post to tell you it doesn't have to continue that way forever!

    You probably shouldn't quit your job tomorrow to try making money online.

    But you'd be pretty crazy to put off learning how it works for even a single day.


    Steps For Reducing Anxiety From Cell Phone Notifications

    I know, because I USED TO BE CRAZY - working your life away does that to you!

    Times are changing. More people than ever are spending (and making) crazy amounts of money online.

    Every day you remain skeptical and tell yourself "I could never do that" is a day you remain crazy.

    Its illogical.

    That thought (as pervasive as it is) is flat-out wrong!


    You could make money online...

    But you CHOOSE not to.

    See how dumb that sounds?

    While you were busy doubting yourself, a 9 year old named Ryan Kaji made $29 Million on YouTube last year.

    Do better!

    I've only made a few (tens of) thousands of dollars online so far, but it sure beats nothing!

    I have put together a 30 minute webinar that explains exactly how I did it (without any formal experience or training.)

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