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My name is James.

I want to show you something

I'm guessing you're reading this because you've seen one of my weird posts on social media about making money online...

Do I Have Your Attention?

''I Want To Show You How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Online Passively!"

Have you ever heard that before?

Of course you have... Like mine, your feed is probably full of gurus of every shape, size, color, and gender pronoun promising to show you how to make $10k per month, just as soon as you buy their $5k course and $5k coaching calls. Right?

As a smart person, it's totally normal to be skeptical...

Satisfy Your Curiosity
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  • Have you ever wondered how little kids, grandmas, and even complete weirdos seem to blow up on social media and start making life-changing money online?

  • make-money-online

    If you can copy and paste, you can earn commissions like this too!

    Seriously -

    This money was sent to me last month by complete strangers that I have never met, or even spoken to on the phone. 

    All I did was post a link to a product people were looking for (where I knew they would find it) and then earned commission each time someone bought it.

    The best part is: I don't even have to deliver the product, do customer service, or deal with reviews!

    Even If I Do Nothing,

    I Earn Money Every Month From Work I've Done In The Past..

    That's the beauty of passive income! Many people think they need a ton of money to invest in real estate or the stock market to really earn passively, but that's just flat wrong. Have you ever read a blog post or web page that was several years old? Billions of people do every day, and that's exactly what puts money in my pocket!

    You should really get started with this! (Unless you hate money)

    This sounds too good to be true... It's probably a scam!

    I know that's what you're thinking, because I felt the same way for years about tacky "make money online" content! 

    I spent over a decade working overtime at multiple jobs, just to afford the basic things I needed. I was convinced it was the only way, because it was all I had time to think about.

    Wake up. Force out a dump. Work all day for a few bucks. Sleep. Repeat...

    Know the feeling?


    I can explain...

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own any Lamborghinis, or pay scantily clad models to hang out with me on chartered yachts.


    Instead, I like to spend my time traveling, hiking, and camping!

    I used to have to work all year (sometimes several in a row) to save up enough money to go on a short vacation. Even then, I couldn't do much on the trips because I had to pinch pennies. Worst of all, I had to go right back to work as soon as I got home, and spend months paying off credit card debt from the unexpected expenses that always seemed to pop up.

    Until I figured out a way to make money around the clock, from anywhere in the world!

    Because of this one change in the way I use social media, now my entire life is a basically a vacation!

    It's so weird now when people ask me what I do. I always pause for a second, because I know the truth will shock them. The truth is, I do whatever I want! Of course, that only works because what I like doing also happens to be what makes me money. But it's the truth!

    If doing exactly what you wanted every single day earned you more money than anything else you've done in your life, would you keep doing it?

    Watch this video!

    This is the face my fiancé made when I showed her what I was doing, and asked her

    if we could sell all our stuff, convert an old school bus into an RV, and travel the country while making money online!

    I've already reached millions of people with this message, and helped thousands of total strangers get results.


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